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Braves Parking: Best Cheap Places to Park for Free at Truist

As the Atlanta Braves have experienced more success at the ballpark, the cost of parking around Truist Park and The Battery continues to rise. The good news is we are going to outline the best places to park for Braves games, including a few hacks that can potentially land you free parking.

When SunTrust Park (now Truist Park) first opened, there were plenty of ways to find $10 parking lots. The cost of these same parking areas have doubled, and during the playoffs were being sold for as much as $100 per spot.

The Applebee’s located off Spring Road near the intersection of Cobb Parkway offers paying customers free parking for Braves games in 2023. Over the years, they have changed the details of this offering, so be sure to check with the Applebee’s staff before leaving your car to head to the Braves game.

This has been my own hack for Braves games, so I am hesitant to share but Traveling Tailgaters believes sharing is always caring. My experience is you can sit at the bar (or at one of the restaurant tables) and order a drink or appetizer, ask for your receipt and place it on your dash before heading to Truist Park. At different times, Applebee’s has required a minimum purchase amount so be advised to check the current parking requirements.

It is about a 10 minute walk to Truist Park as you cross Cobb Parkway and go past the new Silverspot Cinema movie theater. You will then walk through The Battery until you get to the Chop House Gate located next to the Terrapin Brewery and Fox Brothers restaurant. As an aside, fans can also enter the game through this brewery with a ticket.

If you are pressed for time, there are plenty of other top parking options for Braves games. Here is a rundown of the best places to park for Braves baseball contests.

Best Braves Parking Close to Truist Park: Check Out Red Lobster

A look at The Battery outside Truist Park during an Atlanta Braves game.

The OG Braves fans will remember that the Red Lobster off Cobb Parkway would give you a free $25 gift card for paying this same amount to park at their restaurant. Gone are the gift card days, but Red Lobster still offers one of the best parking options that is close to Truist Park.

If you are running out of time to make one of the giveaway nights or just want a short walk, Red Lobster is a great choice to get to Truist Park after just a few minutes walking. During my last visit, the parking came with a $30 price tag and an optional stop for cheese biscuits.

Where Are the Cheapest Places to Park for Braves Games?

The Atlanta Braves host the Seattle Mariners at Truist Park

Some of the best cheap Braves parking options are off Herodian Way. The best way to find these lots is to take Cobb Parkway and turn by the Del Taco (across from BP gas station). My method is to drive down Herodian Way to see who has the cheapest lot for the Braves game thanks to the signs and make a u-turn once you find an affordable spot.

These lots are typically in the $15 to $20 range and offer a 10 to 15 minute walk to the Braves game. I would recommend bringing cash, but there is a chance some of these lots offer payment by credit cards.

If not, the storage facility lot off Herodian Way offers a credit card machine and is a good option if you do not have cash. These lots are a breeze to exit and convenient to all the Atlanta interstates for a simple drive home.

The absolute cheapest Braves parking lots may be the ones found off Circle 75 Parkway. You can put in Stadium Walk by Windsor Apartments into your favorite navigation app as a starting point. Many of the nearby hotels and businesses offer paid parking options. It is a bit of a walk to Truist Park from here, and not nearly as fun when it is pouring rain as I have unfortunately experienced.

What About the Official Braves Parking Garages & Lots Near Truist Park?

A view of The Battery at Truist Park after the Atlanta Braves won the 2021 World Series.

The Braves offer a number of official parking options which require you to pre-purchase (i.e. you cannot drive up to a lot and buy a pass before the game, to my knowledge). There are garages at The Battery, but these do not tend to be my preference.

In general, I tend to avoid parking in large garages for sporting events and concerts. It adds time to your trip back home after the game as the garage tends to get backed up with the added bonus of everyone honking their horns throughout the complex.

These Battery garages also tend to be more expensive for Braves games but do offer you the most convenient option as it is literally blocks away from the stadium. If you are attending a Braves baseball game with someone who is not able to make a longer walk, these are good parking options.

As for the cheapest official Braves parking options, I have found lots S60 and S61 for as low as $10 in the past. This is near the Cumberland Mall so the walk is on the longer side, but the pedestrian bridge makes it convenient.

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