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Overtime’s OTX Boxing Adds Punch for New Things to Do in Atlanta

There is no shortage of sports options in Atlanta but the creative folks at Overtime are adding competitive boxing to the mix providing a wildly entertaining Friday night in the ATL. OTX Boxing kicked off its inaugural “Friday Night Fights” on August 4, 2023 and a full slate of matches will occur weekly throughout the entire month.

The intimate feel of the Overtime venue has fans vibing like you are seeing a favorite indie band with the added bonus of plenty of upscale lounges throughout the arena. DJ MLK, who is Atlanta legend T.I.’s official man on the ones and twos, kept the mood right with a creative setlist throughout OTX’s inaugural night.

“I love the intimacy. That intimacy, you can really feel the energy, like I said,” rising boxer Elijah Pierce remarked following a third-round knockout in the OTX co-main event. “Everybody has a good seat in the house. Everybody can really get a good look. You hear the crowd after every punch. It was just electric, and I feed off that energy.”

Atlanta has become one of the top sports destination cities thanks to the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Atlanta United and Dream. Additionally, top bowl games, tournaments and the College Football Playoff have called downtown Atlanta home recently.

Overtime Elite (who just produced two top-five NBA draft picks) and now OTX boxing nights are a must add to any Atlanta sports weekend bucket list.

What Is Overtime (OTX) Boxing?

There are a few differences with Overtime’s new boxing format compared to more traditional matches in the sport. Boxers fight in a smaller ring which is aimed to promote more action during each round. The prize money also incentivizes knockouts with the “money rounds” taking place in the first and final rounds where boxers earn more of a payout for a K.O. during these periods.

The fast-paced nature of the fight nights are aimed to attract younger fans who may not be as interested in the more old-school boxing formats.

Just like Overtime Elite, the venue is also designed to pop on social media as well as streaming services. For those unable to attend an actual match in the ATL, fans stream each event on DAZN.

What happens beyond August’s “Friday Night Fights” is still to be determined, but the format has staying power given boxing’s resurgence in popularity. Overtime is aiming for year-round coverage of boxers on the rise and hopes to be a disruptor in the boxing industry just as the brand has done in the basketball space.

“OTE is honestly one of the best things that’s happened to Atlanta, I’m not gonna lie,” Pierce added. “It’s bringing a new atmosphere to give boxers another opportunity to be on TV to showcase their talent.

“Overall, it’s a great environment. Just the whole situation is awesome, and I’m looking forward to coming back if they’ll allow me.”

How to Watch OTX Fights Online or Buy Tickets to Overtime Boxing Matches

The Overtime Arena is situated in the heart of Atlantic Station located in Atlanta’s thriving Midtown neighborhood. Fans can head to the Friday night matches or one of the OTE basketball games (resuming in the fall) after attending a movie or going to dinner at the wide array of options inside Atlantic Station.

Tickets for each night of fights start at $25 and for those wishing for a premium experience ringside suites are also available.

Fans who are unable to attend can watch all the action through the DAZN streaming platform.

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